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About Crown Town Games

Headquartered in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC (aka Crown Town) CTG was created with the goal of relieving the numerous headaches that come with buying and selling Magic: the Gathering cards online. Simply put, we are here to provide a single direct source that pays you the highest buylist prices of any vendor, while selling you the singles you need at the lowest market rate. 

How can we do that?

Glad you asked! Crown Town Games is unique in that we only deal with the top 10-15% of cash cards. Essentially, only singles with a minimum Near Mint market cash value of $1.99. This drastically decreases our total inventory, overhead costs, and time investment required - which increases our general mental health. With a more focused operation, we can afford to buy a card for $40 and turn around and sell it for only $50.

Let's get to some of the specifics that set us apart from everyone else:

Buying From Crown Town Games:

  • All cards are priced for sale at TCG Low for corresponding condition. Obviously these can fluctuate daily but we try to maintain a sale price within $.50 for cards under $10, and within $1 for cards over $10. Better yet, if you see the market price is lower than what we have listed, we will match it!
  • Since our entire inventory is priced to match the current market low, this means you can get every single card you need at the lowest individual price and all from the same vendor. No more waiting for cards from 4 different sellers, in 4 different locations, with 4 different shipping & handling times to hopefully finish putting your deck together for FNM!
  • All of our sales are guaranteed to ship and have tracking information provided to you within 24 hours from the moment you place your order.
  • Every single one of our cards ship in an individual perfect fit sleeve in addition to being encased by plastic top loaders/containers. Straight from the package and into your deck protectors.
  • We offer shipping and payment type discounts. Check them out. 
Selling to Crown Town Games:
  • Guaranteed Highest Prices Paid
    • We scan the prices from all major online retailers weekly and make sure that each card on our Buylist matches the highest amount any store is paying for that specific card. If SCG is paying the highest on 3 of your cards, and CFB is paying the highest on 4 of your cards, and CK is paying the highest on 2 of them... that's frustrating and we understand that. Not only have you spent a bunch of time comparing buy prices, but you now have to stress over whether you should separate out multiple shipments or just send them all to the same place for the sake of ease and take a smaller cut. Crown Town solves that problem. We are going to pay you the highest amount of all the other vendors for each individual card! And just like with our sale prices, if you do find a higher Buylist price from another major online retailer, just let us know and we will match it!
  • No Phantom Downgrading
    • This has got to be the most infuriating thing about Buylisting cards online. Remember those times you sent $200 worth of NM cards to a store, only to get a payment notification that they generously gave you $165 instead due to "condition discrepancies"? !$&#&%! What's even worse is that they didn't even give you an explanation and you know they've been sitting in your binder since you opened them. Oh, and they are willing to send them back to you instead but at a cost of $5 out of your pocket. Crown Town Games doesn't look at your NM cards under a microscope. Not only do we pay you the most, you don't have to sweat it out while they're being graded. Check out our Condition Guide.
  • Fastest Payment Times Ever
    • All Buylist orders are guaranteed to be paid out within 72 hours of us receiving your cards. Meaning you will have a Paypal payment sent, store credit in your account, or a check postmarked with tracking within 72 hoursIf you mail us cards on a Monday, you will more than likely have that spending money for the weekend.

Now we have a couple questions for you.

If you could buy the singles you need all from one place and at the lowest price for each one, why wouldn't you?

If you could sell all of your cards to one place and get the highest amount for each one, why wouldn't you? feeBay buyer claims they didn't receive the cards? That's a bummer. TCG took 12% of your sale price? Ouch. Now you've got to package up 15 different single card sale orders tonight and go to the post office tomorrow during your lunch break? What a pain.

Try us out and experience the painlessness that online cardmongering can be!